Celine Signoret, lives and works in Paris.


Artistic director of PRYZMA

Modular laments, co-composer at DATATEARS

Co-artistic dir. , staging, choreographer, performer of EIGENGRAU

Artistic collaboration and founding member of (LA)HORDE
Artistic collaboration and rehearsal dir. for the National Ballet of Marseille

Co-artistic dir. , staging, choreographer, performer of [TSO]TAM

Digital poet at EQKO






Of Franco-Polish origin, Céline Signoret is a choreographer, stage director and perfomer. She nurtures a transversal identity by participating in collaborative projects at the crossroads of live performance and performative art. Her productions take many forms : shows, performances, workshops, art installations, short films and are shown in different countries and places in France and abroad.


After training the piano in her youth, it is by learning contortion that Celine meets the world of performing arts. She graduates from a professional dance school in Paris and works since 2010 with various choreographers awakening her interest in research on different methods of choreographic composition.


She then dedicate herself entirely to the creative process as co-founder and co-artistic director of the contemporary collective (LA) HORDE until 2015 within she co-signs the choreographic works as Void Island, Mummers, Avant les gens mouraient and more short film Novacieries, awarded several prizes. Nowadays, she continues to work alongside them as an artistic collaborator, in particular on projects with the Ballet National de Marseille, allowing her to develop her skills in dancers direction and sound management.


The [TSO]TAM team , which she co-directs since 2013, is a more personal choreographic project allowing her to go even further in her expression and communication work in all its diversity, including  music, theatre and improvisation. Eager of new encounters in her artistic environment, she creates with [tso] tam, Ca Boom ?! festival, a program allowing for 2 years in a row to bring together and share works of more than 25 companies whose common thread remains movement, creativity and enthusiasm.


Today she continues to cultivate original forms of artistic performance, among others in video production or digital arts such as with EIGENGRAU, a futuristic tale  that she co-conceives in the eqko collective, and sound design with DATATEARS, modular laments.


Since 2016, she brings together his own experimental ideas as PRYZMA.




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©Elly Welford


Rework of  Avant Les Gens Mouraient for 18 dancers of Verve company (Artistic direction Matteo Marfoglia)

UK TOUR 2024


People used to die is a rework for VERVE 24 of the original choreographic piece Avant les gens mouraient originally created in 2014 for l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal (EDCM).

The performance is developed around the Mainstream Hardcore movement, reinterpreting the gestures of Hard Jump, Hakken (gabber scene) and Jumpstyle.

Choreography & direction: Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer, Arthur Harel, Céline Signoret
Original score: Guillaume Rémus
Rework tutor: Céline Signoret
Jumpstyle & Hakken Contributors: Kevin Martinelli & Edgar Scassa
Costume: Andi Walker
Lighting design: Chris Yates (originally designed by Thomas Godefroid)
Duration: 35 minutes

Cast : Louis Baxter, Chiara Duccini , Anna Faustino, Lucy Harries, Leelou Lancel, Elizabeth Ortega, Emma Poyer, Aline Simo Kamga and Esme Wales, Annarose Atamian, Kaiya Jay Butler, Pierpaolo Cosentino, Silas Grocott-Cain, Maelle Le Pallec, Nahyeon Pak, Eszter Rapolthy, Gaia Sofia Tundo and Kseniia Yavtushynska.


Photo ©Elly Welford





Physio arts & Movement performance


Training in musculoskeletal optimisation and prevention applied to teachers and practitioners of artistic, physical and movement disciplines.


Certification provided by Santiago del Valle Acedo, physiotherapist and founder of Corporis Fabrica®






DATATEARS, Modular Laments





Datatears is a tribute to lost digital souls.
Mourning our data open to corrosion, overwhelmed by the flood of perpetually dying information : an immediate experience of loneliness.








Sound design : Raphaël Foulon et Céline Signoret

Produced with hyper love and melancholia by eqko - digital art and post-analog french sound collective



3 tracks EP out on Martine Ravage Records / Feb 7th, 2022


"Two artists from the eqko collective return with a new creation leading us into a hungry black hole. A deep exploration of modular synth, through three tracks of minimal harsh sound.

Modular Laments by Datatears is a smooth journey into an infinite void with a complex work of raw audio processing and carved white noise."